Ancient Warship Discovered


A successful expedition has resulted in the discovery of an ancient warship. It is believed to be Svärdet (The Sword), a ship that went under in 1676.

A successful expedition, led by Deep Sea Productions founder Carl Douglas, has resulted in the discovery of an ancient warship off the island of Öland in Southern Sweden. It is believed to be Svärdet, a ship that went under in 1676. It is one of two giant ships that were lost in the largest naval battle in the history of the Baltic Sea, when “great power” Sweden was defeated by a Danish-Dutch fleet.

Exploring the Oceans


Water covers over 70% of our fragile globe. We live on a blue planet. Yet we know so little about what lies below the surface. Some say we know more about the moon.

The surface of the sea has always been a barrier. In so many ways the oceans are the true ”final frontier”. Exploring the oceans cover so many different endeavours and fields. It’s not sufficient just to ”find” – we must also document, image and then try to explain. Most times this leads to more avenues to explore. And so it goes on.

Capturing what we see and experience underwater is a real challenge. Over the past decade we have developed some unique methods to image the wrecks of the Baltic. We continue to find new wrecks and try to tell their stories and honor those that sailed on them.